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Fresh fruit season in Mien Tay

Sunny summer day, nothing exciting to be leisurely stroll in the luxuriant garden and freely enjoy fresh fruits. A Mekong Delta tour to Mien Tay in fruit season is an interesting trip you can not ignore this summer.

"Bon Bon"
Mien Tay is famous for delicious orchards, especially both enjoying fresh fruits and listening to southern folk songs in peaceful space. Summer is the ideal time to explore the Mien Tay fruit season with ripening fruit gardens. Visit to Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Can Tho, you also catch the sweet ripened fruit on the branches with fragrant in breeze. You will get a hearty fruit feast with Hoa Loc yellow mangoes, sweet longans, Lo Ren sweet star apples, fragrant durians, red and blue rambutans hanging on the branches, green grapefruits, mangosteens, tangerines, ect.

Hoa Loc yellow mangoe

Rambutans garden

Especially, traveling Mien Tay on fruit season you would like to eat fruits as much as you like at orchard gardens, until your stomach is fulled. The entrance fee is depending on the current price of each type of fruit. Surely, It is a exciting experience when picking fruits on the branches and immediately enjoying their freshness. When you leave, if you buy fruits as gifts, garden owners will give delicious fruits with very cheap prices.

Enjoy Fresh Fruits at Garden


After enjoying fruits, the garden owners continue to treat you to lunch with a reclaiming cuisine culture such as fried elephant ear fish, mussels pancakes, hot pot sauce ... Each dish has a different flavor but shows the hospitality and friendly of Southern people.

Cai Rang floating market
Falling down Tien river, you will pass through the traditional villages of rice paper, coconut candy, crumb cake, honey .... In Cai Cuong old home (Vinh Long), built in 1885, one can imagine the rich lives of ancient landowners. Also, you do not forget visiting Cai Rang floating market where you can enjoy numerous fruits and learn the traditional sales methods.