Built in the late 1970s, Phonsavan is the capital of Xieng Khouang province in northeastern Laos which is the gateway to the Plain of Jars sites. Known as the name "hills of paradise", the land is home to lots of beautiful scenery, countryside with picturesque green hills and pine forests. 

Phonsavan has a humid subtropical climate moderated by high altitudes. You can travel there at any time of the year. The weather is warm and wet in summer and a bit dry in winter. The average temperature in the hottest months (June) is 23.6 degrees Celsius while the December average temperature (the coldest month) is 14.8 degrees Celsius. If you are into shopping, this is an ideal place for you. You can choose and buy a lot of meaningful gifts made from native wood and silk for your family and friends. The main products for tourists are made by famous artisans and textile workers. If you are a sports enthusiast, try out activities like mountain biking or rock climbing when coming there. Cycling or bird watching are also exciting activities that you should not miss.

The most famous attraction in Phosavan as well as in Laos is the Plain of Jars. The plain's width is up to thousands of meters with many different ancient stones. There are jambs up to 5 meters high and weigh up to 14 tons. The ages of these mysterious jars can be 1500-2000 years old. Tham Xang Cave is another well-known destination there.