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Like Halong Bay, Mekong Delta also offers overnight cruises for tourists. Overnight cruises in Mekong Delta are the luxury ones. Joining an overnight cruise in Mekong Delta, travelers will have a chance to visit the delta in a unique way and stay overnight in a comfortable cabin. Strolling in the small and tiny canals, capturing the sunrise and sunset, and savoring the delicious dishes which are well prepared by crew staff, etc, you will surely enjoy it all.

In this section, Asia Package Travel provides a wide range of cruise tours in Mekong Delta operated by reliable cruise operators in the South. Each cruise has its own itineraries and activities for your reference. You might want to take the cruise in 2 days, 3 days or even more. Do you want to exit to Phu Quoc or Phnom Penh? Check it out and find the perfect cruise of your interest.