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Bassac Cruise

The cabins feature soundproofed partitions and double glazing to protect the passengers' sleep from the noises of the river. These partitions are also heat insulated and meant to slow fire in case of an emergency. The access to outside is immediate. We have air-conditioning in all the cabins, with split systems to allow for a quiet night --indeed the boat's equipment themselves are quiet even though some must run all night long.

The passengers can enjoy privacy on board, as the layout allows the crew to be discreet and offers several living areas so that different groups may make the journey their own. Wide access to outside while still retaining the capability to serve even in bad weather guarantee a good experience of the Mekong delta. Their layout and structure make the Bassac Cruises quiet enough to allow the passengers to sleep while the ship is under way. Safety Safety comes first in the design and operation of the ships. Floatation devices are available for all on board and more, redundant alarm and fire detection as well as redundant fire fighting means are present on all the Bassac Cruises. The handrails all around the ship are sturdy and a mesh of rope prevents any kids from falling. Upon boarding, the passengers are informed of the areas that are open or off-limits to them, and instructed about emergency situations, how to give the alarm and where to meet

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