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Mekong Melody Cruise

A newly built tradition-inspired rice barge, Mekong Melody launched in 2010 is a cosy river boat, perfectly well-suited to private cruises. Entirely made of wood, it sails with ease on the many winding canals of the Mekong Delta, in perfect harmony with its natural setting. Displaying a subtle combination of comfort and charm, the boat with two cabins also benefits from a high quality, and personal service is provided by an attentive crew. Thanks to Mekong Melody, the Mekong Delta's secrets are being unveiled along the river in a quiet and intimate atmosphere imbued with magic. 

Mekong Melody allows a wide range of routes throughout the Delta, as it can sail on waterways usually inaccessible to most cruising boats. It perfectly lends itself to tailor-made journeys, in accordance with travelers' wishes or for special occasions. On board Mekong Melody, passengers get a genuine insight into the Delta. Cruises result from a careful association between the elegant setting of a modern river barge inspired in tradition and an authentic way of exploring the Mekong Delta. Mekong Melody brings you up close this unique natural environment and gives you a glimpse at the lives of local people. An enchanting voyage in strict privacy immersed in the life of an exceptional river.
Mekong Melody Cruise

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